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Fuze Tournament 2022

XBOX • Windows 11 • Fnac
We developped an e-sport tournament on Minecraft on the Paris Games Week stage and broadcast live. Our goal was to shine in this tournament: Xbox, Microsoft and Fnac, who were also present at this video game convention.

Four original games

This tournament had to represent the universe of the brands as well as the colorful and creative one of our caster and youtuber Fuze III.

Game #1


Thanks to a modded instance of Minecraft, we recreated an animated course where players had to overcome different moving obstacles.

Game #2

Hot Potato

We have recreated three maps representing the universe of a partner brand for this minigame.

Game #3

Bed Wars

Emblematic game of the Minecraft community, we have recreated it by representing a giant xbox and controllers around it.

Game #4

Questions Show

Like famous TV games, players could buzz in the game to answer questions about the universe of partner brands or Fuze III.

Discover more

A complete replay of the event is available on the channel of our partner Fuze III